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CEU Podcast - The Learning Objective Trailer

A CEU podcast for the commercial interior design industry.


The Learning Objective

A CEU Podcast from ThinkLab

Welcome to The Learning Objective, the first podcast for the architecture and design community where you can receive CEU credit for listening on the go. 


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The Learning Object Podcast 


Hosted by Meredith Campbell, Research and Content Developer at ThinkLab, the research division of SANDOW Design Group, this podcast brings you the most compelling topics that are top of mind for the design community in an audio-CEU format eligible for credits from IDCEC & AIA.  

Curiosity is inherent to creativity. Tune in each month as we satisfy design curiosities and CEU requirements – all in just half an hour.  

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How it Works

If this is your first audio-CEU experience you might have some questions – like, "Can I really get CEU credit for listening to a podcast?" and "How exactly does this whole CEU podcast thing work?" And the answer is yes, you CAN earn CEU credits for tuning in and the process is quick and easy.

Here's how to complete your entire CEU podcast process in 4 simple steps:

  1.  Listen to the episode 

  2. In the show notes, visit the section titled TAKE THE QUIZ to take a short quiz on the podcast content.

  3. Upon passing the quiz, receive your certificate of completion via email from our episode CEU sponsor.

That's it! An audio CEU done in less than half an hour. 


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