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DNA Podcast - The Future of Events in the Design Industry

Event experts share tactical ideas on how the design industry can tailor event production for a hybrid era.


The Future of Events in the Design Industry

Perfecting the pivot to physical + digital. 

In this episode, ThinkLab explores the changing landscape of events in the design industry – and how event organizers can recalibrate to best engage and inform designers with a combination of in-person connections and digital applications. Our guests each provide a unique perspective — from how manufacturers, distributors, and event producers should create events to how architects and designers should leverage them.  


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Design Nerds Anonymous Podcast 

Season 3, Episode 05 Show Notes

Our first guest, Chuck Saylor, principal at Designvox, speaks about tailoring events to the current moment so that designers will be inspired to attend in person. Marco Giberti, entrepreneur and co-author of Reinventing Live: The Always-On Future of Events, draws his experience with B2B marketing to explain how events are changing across industries. Finally, A.J. Paron, design futurist at SANDOW Design Group, shares some tactical ideas for how to adapt to the hybrid era and use events to build stronger connections between designers and manufacturers.  

Highlights from this episode: 

[6:00] Find out the #1 thing that compels people to attend design industry events 

[8:00] Chuck discusses how creating meaningful content for a local audience can build community. 

[16:10] “Disruption is happening faster than ever before. You can deny this potential disruption, or you can engage disruption and be prepared for the next generation of events.” 

[19:30] Marco explains the need to develop “digital headquarters” to extend the life of physical events. 

[27:48] A.J. shares 3 ways organizers can prepare to pivot their plans in the face of shifting COVID-19 restrictions.  



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