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DNA Podcast – The Future of Customer Experience in the Design Industry

Explore how the power of internal alignment, empathy and perspective can help the design industry overcome the biggest challenge to a frictionless customer experience.


The Future of Customer Experience in the Design Industry


As the consumer experience gets increasingly frictionless, B2B buyers expect the same. Join us as we explore the power of internal alignment, empathy and perspective to elevate the experience your clients have with your brand AND the ecosystem that surrounds design.

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Design Nerds Anonymous
Season 2, Episode 06 Show Notes

We're joined by Mullen’s director of innovation Chris Denson, Perkins Eastman’s David Levo, JLL’s Anu Rao, and Sandow Design Group’s design futurist AJ Paron to explore building practices that drive empathy – and how to overcome the biggest challenge to creating a seamless customer experience.

In this episode of the Design Nerds Anonymous podcast, you’ll discover:

  1. How to reinvent the sales and design process in the Amazon era
  2. The video game industry tactic that you can apply to a client-focused mindset
  3. Three tangible ways to develop empathy across the entire customer journey
  4. Why you SHOULDN'T give your customers what they ask for
  5. The big change that is revolutionizing our industry right now 

TL21_B2BPlaybook_ToolKitPreviewGraphic_0728Want to put what you’re learning in this season of the podcast into action?

Preview our leading-edge playbook 100 Practical Ways to Revolutionize the B2B Sale. Yep. You heard that right. 100 ideas. Each one will give you an actionable idea, explain how to implement and provide some optional reading inspiration or even team exercises to spark your creativity.



Special thanks to our episode sponsors Mannington Commercial and Keilhauer, thoughtfully selected because they both represent companies that are bringing new techniques and thinking from outside the design industry for positive application.

Finally, thanks to Hannah Viti, our audio producer, and Blue Dot Sessions for providing the music for this episode.


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