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DNA Podcast - Design Nerds Anonymous Trailer

Navigating the Future of Work in Business and Design


Design Nerds Anonymous Trailer

Navigating the Future of Work in Business and Design

Prepare to immerse yourself in our podcast, Design Nerds Anonymous, where we present firsthand narratives from individuals who are spearheading transformative changes.

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Design Nerds Anonymous Podcast 

Trailer Show Notes

Join us as we unpack various subjects in the design industry, and share how it can help transform you and your business. Our dialogues span a diverse array of subjects. From unveiling strategies that captivate and retain emerging talents, to mastering the art of employing personas within the realm of business-to-business dynamics, and even harnessing the power of data to propel your business into the future.


Highlights from this episode: 

  • Discover the transformation of business practices through our innovative conducted research.
  • Gain valuable insights on how to foster belonging, ignite purpose at work, and more.
  • Relevant for designers, marketers, sellers, and professionals across the industry.

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Special thanks to our podcast season sponsors,  Mannington Commercial, theMART, and NeoCon – companies doing big things to move the design industry forward. 
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