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CEU Podcast - Arrows to the Future of Design: What We Can Learn From Gen Z

Discover the future of design through the Gen Z perspective.



Arrows to the Future of Design: What We Can Learn From Gen Z

Fueling Innovation and Client Connections

Join Amanda Schneider, President and Founder of ThinkLab, and Jessica Jenkins, co-host of The Learning Objective, as they unravel the truths about Gen Z designers. Discover what truly motivates Gen Z, what inspires them, and how to earn their unwavering loyalty in the workplace.

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The Learning Objective CEU Podcast 

Season 2, Episode 02 Show Notes

In this episode, ThinkLab interviews Amanda Schneider, president and founder of
ThinkLab, and Jessica Jenkins, co-host of The Learning Objective and part of the research
and development team at ThinkLab. Together, they discuss the findings of this year’s
design hackathon, sharing their aha moments. They dismantle assumptions about what
other generations think Gen Zers want from their workplace and use data and
interviews to uncover what Gen Zers actually want, what inspires them, and how to capture
their loyalty.


In this episode, we dig into the findings of this year’s design hackathon, which included a survey of more
than 1,800 designers, as well as more than 20 hours of focus groups on these topics.

Specifically, we focus on the following challenge areas: culture, creativity, relationships, loyalty, and
learning. Each area revealed crucial ways in which Gen Zers differs from previous generations. This
ranged from the practical, such as which way they prefer to communicate (no calls, please!) to the more
profound: Gen Zers consider both physical and digital to be part of one unbroken experience, instead of
two distinct and separate ways to work. Alongside these insights, Schneider and Jenkins describe
concrete actions that firms can take to integrate Gen Zers and take advantage of their fresh perspective.

After listening, you will be able to:

1. Analyze how Gen Z is an arrow to the future of the design industry.
2. Contrast how the assumptions about Gen Z differ from what the data revealed.

3. Identify the five challenge areas for connecting with Gen Z.

4. Implement solutions for each of those five challenges.

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