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DNA Podcast - How This Commercial Real Estate Firm is Redesigning Design

Understanding consumer behavior to tailor design solutions for disruption in commercial real estate.


How This Commercial Real Estate Firm is Redesigning Design

New solutions to simplify the design process.

In this episode, ThinkLab explores disruption in commercial real estate and the sector’s entrée into design services. We bring in outside the industry experts on trends and disruption while looking at how one commercial real estate firm embarks on a new solution to simplify the design process and accelerate the time from design to build.


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Design Nerds Anonymous Podcast 

Season 3, Episode 06 Show Notes

First, host Amanda Schneider interviews Thales Teixeira, former Harvard professor and co-author of Unlocking the Customer Value Chain: How Decoupling Drives Customer Disruption. Drawing on his work in consulting and his book, Thales shares his advice on how to avoid disruption, including staying vigilant for trends outside your own industry.

Next up, Amanda discusses commercial real estate firm JLL’s latest product offering with global product owner, Lori Louis, and global product lead Christine Hong. They explain how coming up with the new service actually led them to reconsider the traditional design buying process. Listen in to discover how they came to the realization that JLL serves two different user groups economic buyers and end users whose needs diverged during the pandemic, and described to us how they tailored the service accordingly.

Highlights from this episode: 

[14:01] Thales explains how and why the buying habits of consumers and B2B customers are converging.

[23:54] Christine describes JLL’s human-centered approach to design, focused on the end user.

[24:40] “What people say and what people do are very, very different things. And we're trying to design for what we think people will end up doing.”

[31:24] Lori discusses how thenew offering helps companies test and pilot design solutions during this time of uncertainty.



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