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DNA Podcast S4 - How To Amplify Your Impact: Demystifying Sustainability


How To Amplify Your Impact: Demystifying Sustainability

Understanding Sustainability: Making Your Impact Count 

In this episode, ThinkLab interviews David Schwarz, founding partner at HUSH, about the design firm’s innovative approach to sustainability, and Rebecca Best, head of sustainability at Material Bank, on how the world’s largest material aggregator is helping designers make more sustainable decisions.

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Design Nerds Anonymous Podcast 

Season 4, Episode 05 Show Notes

Our first guest is David Schwarz, founding partner at HUSH, an experience design firm. Schwarz shares forward-thinking ways HUSH is leveraging design to connect the occupants of a space to how their own daily microdecisions affect the sustainability of a building. To that end, he describes an award-winning project, designed in partnership with United Therapeutics, which sought to make a building’s cutting-edge engineering visible and able to be appreciated by workers and visitors.

Our next guest, Rebecca Best, is vice president of sustainability at Material Bank. She explains that sustainability is so complex —requiring designers to balance climate, human health, and social justice concerns —that it can’t really be simplified. She counsels design firms to focus on making the decision-making process more efficient and shares strategies for how to empower clients.

Highlights from this episode: 

[4:12] David details the two-part mission behind HUSH’s memorable project with United Therapeutics.

[15:55] “We don't want to require that our clients become sustainability and energy experts.”

[24:17] Rebecca describes the most pressing sustainability concerns by sector.

[28:56] Rebecca speaks to the importance of celebrating small wins as a way to encourage collective action.




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