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DNA Podcast S4 - The Case For Investing In Relationships With Dealer Designers


The Case For Investing In Relationships With Dealer Designers

Learn About The Importance of Relationships

In this episode, ThinkLab holds a roundtable discussion with Shelley Rosetta, consultant at dealer organization Solomon Coyle, and Meredith Campbell, host of ThinkLab’s The Learning Objective podcast. Both discuss the benefits of treating dealer designers as partners and vital members of your project team.


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Design Nerds Anonymous Podcast 

Season 4, Episode 09 Show Notes

Shelley Rosetta, consultant at Solomon Coyle, and Meredith Campbell, who is part of ThinkLab’s research and content development team, dive into why it’s worth moving beyond the historical view of dealer designers — away from thinking of them as someone who simply puts the order together. Instead, they urge designers to consider dealer designers as a useful knowledge resource that can serve as guardrails.

After all, as Campbell mentions, designers in ThinkLab focus groups have said what they value most from manufacturers and distributors is someone who can save them from themselves.


Highlights from this episode: 

  • [10:33] Shelley explains live design, how it works, and why it’s unique to the dealer designer.
  • [18:00] Meredith and Shelley name what they see as the biggest benefits of working closely with a dealer designer.
  • [27:35] Meredith explains ThinkLab’s research findings on dealer designers and their preference for self-serving.



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