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DNA Podcast S4 - How to Create Loyal Superfans Of Your B2B Brand


How to Create Loyal Superfans Of Your B2B Brand

The customer service model that will enhance your brand

In this episode, ThinkLab interviews Zappos chief experience officer Stacey Wagneron what B2B companies can learn from the retailer’s renowned customer service model, which has won them legions of superfans. We also speak to two residential designers —Mark Woodman and Andrea Goldman—about what they look for in a brand partner and the new roles that innovative brands are creating in response to recent disruptions.

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Design Nerds Anonymous Podcast 

Season 4, Episode 06 Show Notes

Our first guest, Stacey Wagner, chief experience officer for Zappos, explains the retailer’s driving ethos as a service company first and foremost. He shares four key insights for inspiring brand loyalty, such as empowering employees to personalize their interactions with customers. He also stresses the need for collecting data during these interactions to learn what customers are having trouble with and to continue to innovate.

In chapter two, this episode explores brand loyalty in the design industry in a mini round table with Mark Woodman, an interior designer and trend forecaster based outside Washington,D.C., and Andrea Goldman, a luxury interior designer located outside of Chicago. For Mark, product brands earn his loyalty when they demonstrate their own loyalty, both to designers and to their own employees. For Andrea, she seeks consistency over all else: consistency in the quality of the product and in the communication with the main point person.

Highlights from this episode: 

  • [8:00] “If you’re truly continuing to try to raise the bar for your customers, getting it right the first time and making it as seamless and as easy as possible on that first go-round is paramount.”
  • [11:27]Stacey details a number of challenges retailers are currently facing.
  • [23:42] Mark describes how supply chain issues have changed expectations for immediate results.
  • [26:05] Andrea explains the new procurement role her design firm created in response to the pandemic.



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