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DNA Podcast - Do Something Different: Surprising Advice From Design Industry Pros


Do Something Different: Surprising Advice From Design Industry Pros

Learn About The New Approaches That Sellers Are Using

In this episode, ThinkLab interviews three design industry pros: Anya Ostry, head of a multi-market tenant representation team at CBRE; Shannon White, district manager for Mannington Commercial, covering the Colorado territory; and Meena Krenek, a global practice leader of interiors for HKS. These three women participated in one of ThinkLab’s earlier hackathons, and here, they share their current concerns and advice on how to adjust to the emerging “new normal” as sellers.

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Design Nerds Anonymous Podcast 

Season 4, Episode 01 Show Notes

Highlights from this episode: 

  • [5:15] Meena explains why there’s a greater need from clients for data, and what sellers can do to help meet that need.
  • [11:41] Shannon describes her difficulties in identifying a decision-maker as designers shift to different roles, companies, or industries.
  • [14:26] “What can we do different to bring a studio together so they see us as being valuable, and we're a partner to them?”
  • [22:45] Anya discusses the importance of being aware of your digital presence.



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This season of Design Nerds Anonymous is brought to you by Mannington Commercial, theMART, and NeoCon, companies doing big things to move the design industry forward.

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Design Nerds Anonymous is a proud member of the SURROUND Podcast Network. Discover more shows from SURROUND at This episode of Design Nerds Anonymous was produced and edited by SANDOW Design Group, with music from Blue Dot Sessions. Special thanks to the podcast production team: Hannah Viti, Wize Grazette, and Samantha Sager.

Special thanks to our podcast season sponsors,  Mannington Commercial, theMART, and NeoCon – companies doing big things to move the design industry forward. 
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