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DNA Podcast - How to Build Personal Connections with Today’s B2B Clients

Learn how to harness EQ to tap into your client's perspective.


How to Build Personal Connections with Today’s B2B Clients

Discover the advantage of using EQ to tap into your clients’ perspective

In this episode, ThinkLab interviews Colleen Stanley, author and leading sales expert on emotional intelligence, and Meena Krenek, global practice leader of interiors for HKS, about the insights and advantages you can gain from using your EQ and tapping into your clients’ perspective.


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Design Nerds Anonymous Podcast 

Season 4, Episode 03 Show Notes

Our first guest, Colleen Stanley, author of Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success, discusses why harnessing the power of your emotional quotient (or EQ) is more important now than ever. She also describes how our instinctual “reptilian brains” influence how we sell and our clients buy. And our second guest, Meena Krenek, shares what she's looking from product reps in terms of supporting her architecture and design teams.

Highlights from this episode:

[2:42] Colleen explains the difference between IQ (intelligence quotient) and EQ (emotional quotient).

[10:49] Colleen names three common complaints she hears about incorporating EQ into sales models and shares how to overcome them.

[13:46] “So the decision I made was to change self-limiting belief that I couldn’t be as good virtually as I was in person.”

[19:29] Meena shares four insights to get ahead as a rep today and to truly empower those designers to influence their clients.



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