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DNA Podcast - The Future of the A&D Firm Library

Design industry experts share solutions for optimizing the A&D firm library amid physical and digital shifts.


The Future of the A&D Firm Library

Preparing for transformative changes

The pandemic has forced many functions of the design library online. Does this mean that library will pivot to primarily virtual in the future, or will there be a move to return to more physical spaces? Design Nerds Anonymous host, Amanda Schneider, asks our expert guests to share what's working, what's not, and where they think the design industry is headed.


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Design Nerds Anonymous Podcast 

Season 3, Episode 03 Show Notes

In this episode,  Erica Buss, research and information services manager at Ankrom Moisan Architects, emphasizes the remaining importance of physical spaces along with expert guidance and curation. And Kristin Cerutti, a design leader at NELSON Worldwide, stresses their approach to the digital space. 

Ultimately, both agree that it’s time for the library to be reconceived as a dynamic, living space, one that supports the larger ecosystem of the firm and is a source for both information and inspiration. It’s not a matter of digital or physical. It’s really a both/and. 

Highlights from this episode: 

[6:35] Erica explains how the library is not just a physical space, but also a service. 

[10:37] Kristin details ways to repurpose the space once used for books and shelves. 

[16:49] How can virtual events help foster deeper connections with colleagues? 

[21:31] Kristin urges A&D consider the environmental impact of keeping libraries stocked. 

[27:16] Erica talks about the power of collaborations with reps. 




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