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DNA Podcast – Season 2: Why Research

This season the Design Nerds Anonymous podcast shares applicable insights from six months of cross-functional research about driving economic success for the interiors industry in an increasingly digital world.


Why Research is Your Catalyst

Join us this season on the Design Nerds Anonymous podcast as we share insights from six months of coveted cross-functional research about driving economic success for the interiors industry in an increasingly digital world.

We will dig deep into the intricacies of business development as we tap into experts from both inside the design industry, and out, to uncover how they’ve approached this paradigm shift and their tangible tips for moving forward.

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Design Nerds Anonymous Podcast: Season 2 Trailer


Amanda  Hi there, Amanda Schneider again. I am so excited to tell you a bit more about season two of Design Nerds Anonymous, and specifics into why we selected the topics that we have to dive into this season.  

AJ  I'm AJ Paron, I'm super excited to be back on design nerds anonymous for season two. 


Amanda  Every topic this season we discovered in our six-month discovery process as part of the Sandow Design Group “Hackathon”. 

AJ  So, for people that don't know, “Hackathon” is just a fancy word for a workshop. Amanda and I have been in all of the hacks and with all the groups. So, we could easily see the threads, like, “this group was talking about it. And this group was talking about, and this group was talking about it.” 

Amanda  What this Hackathon was all about was figuring out how to drive economic success in this crazy time of change that we're in. 

We know that business development is shifted digital in an industry that has largely relied on face-to-face communication. Today, in some ways, B2B buyers hold us to the same standard as places like Amazon. As their expectations are going up, our ability to read their reactions are going down. So how will the design industry respond? 

We brought together an amazing team to help us hack through these challenges. We recruited the top manufacturers, gathered some of the most innovative business minds from the A+D community, and then connected the ecosystem a bit further with commercial real estate executives from both the broker and PM side. 

And, of course, we had to hear from our end users that are navigating this from a very different perspective. Together, we brainstormed. We hacked through the challenges and our goal was to really figure out a new way forward. So, we invite you to stay with us… to learn, to listen. And hopefully we give you the inspiration you need to find your path to economic success. 

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