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Aesthetic Inspirational iPhone Wallpapers for Design Enthusiasts


Need an extra spark of motivation? Want to be inspired by the best insights in the commercial interior design ecosystem? Look no further than your phone. 

Not only is all your favorite ThinkLab content mobile-friendly, now we're helping you spruce up your screen!

We created a set of free, aesthetic, inspirational iPhone wallpapers that will make you feel motivated and empowered every time you unlock your phone.

There are four different patterns to choose from, each featuring inspiring quotes from the latest season of our Design Nerds Anonymous podcast

Download your favorite ThinkLab iPhone wallpaper (or rotate through a new one each quarter) so that whenever you need a dose of encouragement, your home screen will beautifully deliver.

Thanks for tuning in and making Design Nerds Anonymous a top design podcast on Apple – and enjoy this set of iPhone wallpapers while you wait for the next season to drop!

Aesthetic Inspirational iPhone Wallpapers

Inspirational iPhone Wallpaper for Design Enthusiasts by ThinkLab

"It's okay to think differently." - Design Nerds Anonymous

Click the button below to download ThinkLab iPhone Wallpaper, Set One


Inspirational iPhone Wallpaper for Design Enthusiasts by ThinkLab

"Take a new way forward." - Design Nerds Anonymous

Click the button below to download ThinkLab iPhone Wallpaper, Set Two



How To Save An Image As Your Background/Wallpaper

Each pattern is available for iPhone 11, 12 and 13 as well as the iPhone 11 Pro, 12 Pro and 13 Pro. Here's how to save your favorite patterns to your device:

On Mobile:  Click the button to access your favorite wallpaper and then simply save it to your photo library. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Wallpaper > Choose New Wallpaper and then select the ThinkLab wallpaper that you downloaded. 

On Desktop: Click the button to access your favorite wallpaper, right-click to save it to your desktop, and airdrop the image to your phone. Then, follow the mobile instructions above.


Missed an episode of Design Nerds Anonymous? Catch up on our latest season!

Special thanks to this season's Design Nerds Anonymous podcast sponsors Mannington Commercial and Keilhauer, thoughtfully selected because they both represent companies that are bringing new techniques and thinking from outside the design industry for positive application.

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