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CEU Podcast - The Art & Science of Experience

Exploring biological and theatrical approaches to designing experiential spaces


The Art & Science of Experience

Biological & theatrical approach to designing spaces

In this episode, presented by Mannington Commercial, ThinkLab breaks down experiential spaces in interior design with a look at new implementations and its growing influence across design sectors. 

Host Meredith Campbell interviews two experts in the emerging field of neuroaesthetics: Susan Magsamen, the director of Johns Hopkins’ International Arts + Mind Lab, and Suchi Reddy, architect and founder of Reddymade. They explain how neuroaesthetics can provide clues about how our bodies respond to design on a biological level. ThinkLab also speaks with David Rockwell, founder of Rockwell Group, who discusses his multidisciplinary approach to design, creating memorable experiences blending both theater and architecture. 

Accredited for: IDCEC, AIA | 0.5 CEU/0.5 LU 

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The Learning Objective CEU Podcast 

Season 1, Episode 03 Show Notes

Did you know survey conducted in 2018 revealed that 74% of Americans say they prioritize experiences over products in their consumer lives?

Tune in as Magsamen and Reddy describe their unique exhibit, “A Space for Being,” hosted at Milan’s Salone del Mobile design fair. Their team designed three separate spaces, each evoking a different emotional experience by using contrasting visuals, sounds, and smells. Visitors wore a custom wristband that recorded their biometric data to see where they felt most at ease — with surprising results. Magsamen and Reddy discuss how these sorts of insights can influence design thinking and how to use new technology to innovate. 

Then, Rockwell shares his own perspective on what matters most when creating an engaging experience, whether in designing interiors or theater set design. His focus is on how stories are told and places are formed, and for great design in both fields, he recommends asking how you want the audience to feel. He also looks to the future and discusses his expectations for new forms of public spaces that will appear after the pandemic. 

After listening, you will be able to:

  • Identify what neuroaesthetics is and how it can be used in architecture and interiors.
  • Examine projects where neuroaesthetics and biometric data were used to inform participants’ unique experiences. 
  • Evaluate how you can use data and technology in projects to measure experience and influence outcomes. 
  • Point out the six ways that architecture can draw from theater in creating experience.

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Mannington_Commercial_Logo_Gray-1Special thanks to our CEU episode sponsor, Mannington Commercial , for partnering with us to provide valuable insights on compelling topics for the design industry.

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