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DNA Podcast – The Future of Growth in the Design Industry

How will the commercial design industry leverage physical space for growth opportunities in a hybrid era?


The Future of Growth in the Design Industry


This special bonus episode of the Design Nerds Anonymous Podcast explores the future of growth in the commercial design industry – and why we're still looking at physical space in an increasingly digital era. 

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Design Nerds Anonymous
Season 2, Episode 08 Show Notes

As the pace of change accelerates, it becomes increasingly important that the design ecosystem connect the many different dots that enable our clients to make decisions faster. We believe human connections in the physical space matter more than ever as we enter this hybrid world. Join us in this special bonus episode as we ask the question “how will the commercial design industry leverage physical space for growth?”

Host Amanda Schneider explores growth opportunities, partnerships and collaborations that will elevate the power and reach of design with innovators Emilie Arel of Casper, and Lissa So and Tyler Silvestro of Marvel.

Special thanks to our episode sponsors Mannington Commercial and Keilhauer, thoughtfully selected because they both represent companies that are bringing new techniques and thinking from outside the design industry for positive application.

Want to fuel your team’s growth opportunities? Download our leading-edge playbook, 100 Practical Ways to Revolutionize the B2B Sale.

Finally, thanks to Hannah Viti, our audio producer, and Blue Dot Sessions for providing the music for this episode.


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