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DNA Podcast – The Future of Communication in the Design Industry

With digital interactions on the rise, design industry experts and futurists explore new ways to elevate communication to avoid burnout and increase creativity. 


The Future of Communication in the Design Industry

Design’s role in the built environment is to evoke an emotional response. But what happens when cultural communication norms shaped by decades of human interactions are rocked by a global pandemic? 

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Design Nerds Anonymous
Season 2, Episode 04 Show Notes

ThinkLab’s Amanda Schneider talks to Cactus founder Noah Waxman and Kantar futurist Don Abraham about forward-thinking ways to elevate communication – and how to adjust, adapt, and reframe in the digital era.

In this episode of the Design Nerds Anonymous podcast, you’ll discover:

  1. The weak signals that indicate we are entering into a new marketplace.
  2. Strategies for leveraging asynchronous work – and how it benefits team creativity.
  3. How to avoid burnout in digital interactions.
  4. Why symbols and rituals are central to effective communication in a shifting landscape of work.

Special thanks to our episode sponsors, Mannington Commercial and Keilhauer, thoughtfully selected because they both represent companies that are bringing new techniques and thinking from outside the design industry for positive application.

Finally, thanks to Hannah Viti, our audio producer, and Blue Dot Sessions for providing the music for this episode.



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