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2021 U.S. Design Industry Hot Market Growth


Drive your business forward with exclusive market research featuring key forecasts
and competitive intelligence for the commercial design industry.

ThinkLab’s 2021 U.S. Hot Market Growth Report tracks market impact, design ecosystem sentiment and trends across geography, vertical markets and product categories. We analyze and translate these industry data points to help your organization best position itself to gain market share.

Find out what’s hot – and what’s not – to inform your sales, marketing, product development and strategy.

Our commercial design industry market research report includes:

  • A detailed geographic forecast of major markets, microeconomies and regional data to help focus your future sales efforts.
  • Vertical market forecasts across real estate, construction, A&D, corporate, hospitality, healthcare, education and residential segments that will impact your product demand.
  • Product category growth predictions, emerging trends and strategic opportunities.

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ThinkLab’s 2021 U.S. Hot Market Growth Report

Table of Contents:

  1. Preface: 2020 at a Glance
  2. Hot Industry Influencers
  3. Hot Geographic Growth
    1. Real Estate Trends: Corporate
    2. Real Estate Trends: Residential
    3. Construction Forecasts
    4. A&D Forecasts
  4. Hot Vertical Market Growth
    1. Real Estate Trends
    2. Construction Forecasts
    3. A&D Forecasts
    4. Vertical Markets at a Glance
      1. Corporate
      2. Healthcare
      3. Education
      4. Hospitality
      5. Residential
  5. Hot Product Category Growth
    1. A&D Trends Impacting Product Development
    2. Bringing Product Development Trends to Life
    3. Top 10 Product Opportunities
  6. Now What: From information to Application
  7. Conclusion


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