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A&D Influence: Perspective on the massive specifying power of architects and designers and how to leverage it to help your business thrive


The power of design matters now, more than ever. As we adjust to the next normal, the work of the A&D community to keep the public safe, and to promote a sense of wellness and comfort within spaces will be critical. Interior designers directly and indirectly drive the market growth of furniture, paints, flooring, and other product categories. This digital seminar is designed to give the manufacturers, reps, and distributors who call on the A&D community intimate perspective on what is important to this community, and how best to gain their loyalty and grow your business.

Recorded Digital Seminar

This webinar will cover:

  1. The specifying power and challenges of A&D
  2. Where A&D place value when considering product options
  3. What tools are being used, and what manufacturers can do to support specification
  4. Key markets for calling on A&D

Designed for:

  • Audience: Manufacturers, Dealers, Reps
  • Experience Level: Beginner - Experienced
  • Time: 1 Hour


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